Hashbrown Potato Soup

MAKES: 10 servings
YIELD: About 1 cup
CRISPY RATING: A simple, tasty potato soup.

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  • 16 oz. Ore Ida Country Style Hashbowns
  • 4 cans Fat Free Low Sodium Chicken Broth
  • 1 envelope McCormick Country Gravy Mix
  • 1 to 2 onions, choppped
  • 1 clove garlic, minced

1. Spray nonsitck pan with Pam and saut? onion and garlic. Add hashbrowns and cook until tender.

2. Transfer to large stock pan. Add 3 cans of the broth and bring to a boil.

3. Add 4th can of broth and gravy mix, whisking gravy mix into soup. Bring to a boil and let simmer for a bit.


The original recipe had you make the gravy using the last can of broth separately, and then add that mix to the soup. I tend to be lazy, threw it all in together and it worked just fine. :)

Recipe has been floating around the Weight Watchers bulletin boards. Thanks to whomever first made it!!

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