Crispy's Latest Leftovers

aka Recipes for What Crispy Has Been Eating!

Here is an index of the things I am making that are healthy and yummy. So you know, this is something I created for my own personal use to have access to my recipes wherever I am, but I'm happy to share it with you. These are only recipes I like and make. I don't generally use Splenda or other artificial sweeteners (with 2 exceptions - some SF puddings and SF syrup) so you won't find any Splenda-pumpkin pies or anything like that here. I don't have anything against it, other than I think it's just nasty and I'd rather find recipes that use real sugar and eat smaller amounts.

As with any WW member site, double check the points to your own satisfaction and using your ingredients. I use the MasterCook software and am confident in my points for my usage, but if you change the fat% of beef or use a different brand of whatever, your points may be different, sometimes drastically so.

"Try them and you may, I say..."


Including Cinnamon Apple Porkchops, Teriyaki Salmon Burgers, and breakfast ideas

Yummy Treats and Desserts

Including Amaretto Coconut Pie, Margarita Pie, and Strawberry Cream Cupcakes

Side Dishes - Starches and Veggie Dishes

Including several ideas for Sweet Potatoes and other Root Veggies

Appetizers, Salads and Soups

Including Curried Carrot Soup, Split Pea Soup, and Carrot Apple Salad

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A link to my Old, Pre-WW recipes

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