Here are the pics of my "slinky" dress for the opera -- and the story behind it.

I went shopping for a dress to wear to the opera, as the dress I'd been planning on has gotten a bit baggy and shapeless it turns out. (Hmm - it's only a year old, I wonder why it doesn't fit anymore...)

Anyway, I picked up this one dress (size 16!) that's kinda slinky and tried it on. It looks great, except my belly pooch sticks out just a bit. (I am sucking in a bit in the side view picture below. LOL!) I was thinking how I liked it anyway and how awesome it will look with my high heels, and the saleslady comes over and says, "Yeah, the stomach is a problem area and I wouldn't be comfortable going out like that."

I'm thinking, "Yeah, but I *like* my body."

Anyway, she grabbed a different dress (a size 14, mind you!) and it looked ok, but a bit dowdy and *no* curves.

So, I went with the slinky 16 with my belly pooch. ;) OK, OK, so I at least wore some control top hose... But I think I looked pretty hot. :)

Post date UPDATE: And you know what my date said to me (completely unprompted, mind you!) - "You're so nice and curvy!" Hee hee!! Yeah, baby. I'm curvy. :)

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