People Crispy has met from the WW Board

I've been really lucky to have met all kinds of people from the WW 100+ to lose board. :) Here are some pics of these fabulous and fun folks.

Fall 2006 - LoafingCactus was in da 'Burgh, so we local gals had to meet up
for lunch and some shopping! Going around the table from the left, that's
IdaTarbell, StellarSteelers, Me, LoafingCactus, and SnowGirl.

Kickitdown and me! I missed her at the 2006 Cherry Bomb Get-together because I didn't make it at the last minute, but I met up with her while I was on a roadtrip through her homestate in June 2006. She's so sweet!

These are from the 1st DC Cherry Bomb Get-Together in April 2005.
HappyGirl, Betthl, Me, 100lbs2Go, SandsVA, and dkmjgal Betthl and me in the pouring rain

These lovely ladies live fairly close to me, so I'm lucky and get to see them on a more regular basis. The lovely blonde is IdaTarbell and the dark-haired beauty is SnowGirl. These pics are from July and March 2006.

OK, now we're on to the ones that have lots of pics. This group is from ShannyFest 2006.

The BOT girls - Shereine, Sharehone, DKDana, KCSunshine, Crispy, Shanny Me, Sharehone, and yly
Crispy and Bandy Crispy and DKPrime# - Would you believe that Dana is the wild one, not me?!
Poduska, Bandy, Crispy, Sharehone, yly, DKDana, Shereine, Shanny Crispy and Amy Acorn
One more because I just gotta put this up - Mags, FunnyBunny, Gissy and I hit the pool!

These are my earliest pics from the folks I met at WildSquad in Chicago in 2004. There were lots more people there than I could ever get to know in just a few days.

Everybody!! Crispy and HappyGirl :) Crispy and RowdyKat
Bethhl, ChiKat, and Crispy Bethhl, ChiKat, and Crispy at High Tea Crispy and Moo

Special thanks to all my buds, including those I haven't met in person yet. :)

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